About Us

“It is very convenience to shop everything in HK, we don’t need online shopping”

“Shopping online is so complicated, no one would do that!”

These kind of comments are all round our team. However, online shopping is popular and successful in almost every developed country, but why not in Hong Kong? To be success, or not to be success? It shouldn’t be told by people. The market will tell.

With the vision we hold, our team started building the first hobby focused online shop in Hong Kong in 2013, which is HEETNet.com.

At the beginning, we are a team of naive start-up enthusiasts. Starting our business without knowledge about products, fulfilment and development. However, failure didn’t scare us. We learned form a huge number of mistakes and keep improving and we become a solid E-commerce Team now.

To ring in the 2018, we are proud to introduce a redefined online store - HobbyDigi.com. With the experience in past few years and the positive feedback form the market, we will serve you with a complete new store with better user experience and a huge selection of amazing products.

The launch of HobbyDigi.com is not our goals but a milestone of our team. We will redefine online shopping and become the best Hong Kong based online store.