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Hololive Production Otaku Goods - "Ookami Mio 1 Million Subscribers Celebration" Mio’s Matching Casual Hoodie

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Hololive Production Otaku Goods - "Oozora Subaru Birthday Celebration 2022" (Single Product)

Hololive Production Otaku Goods - "AZKi Birthday Celebration 2022" (Single Product)

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8/5/22 10:00 AM
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《Item Description》
Scheduled to be Shipped: Estimated around late-November to late-December 2022

《Set Contents》
◇4 Birthday Merch Items
・B2 Tapestry
  Art by 美和野らぐ
  Size: B2
  Material: Polyester

・Acrylic Keychain (Random)
  Art by さめあんこ
  Size: Approx. H68-70mm × W38.5-64.5mm (Size may vary between each keychain.)
  Material: Acrylic
  ※1 out of 4 keychains will be randomly included in the box.
  ※Since this is a random product, you cannot choose the design of your choice on your purchase.
  ※Please note that since this is a random product, even if you purchase multiple products, there might be a chance of receiving the same product or not receiving the product of your choice.

  Size: ⌀84mm × H112mm
  Volume: 380ml
  Material: Stainless Steel

  Size: Approx. H95mm × W110mm × D8mm
  Material: Dolomite, Cork

◇1 Birthday Voice
・Situation Voice “At a seaside town with you.”

・Postcard with a duplicated foil-stamped autograph from AZKi. (Art by 美和野らぐ)
・Bonus Voice: Catch you on the holo side.

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