Return and Shopping Policy

Points to note

  • hand to hand exchange in HobbyDigi Headquarter is the first choice, if customer would like to process it by courier, all the freight cost will be subjected to customer
  • To avoid any problem caused by miscommunication, please contact our Customer Services Officer first, and wait for our Customer Services Officer to reply
  • All cases which not confirmed by our Customer Services Officer, or all shipment with courier other than SF express are not subjected to process

1. How to exchange or return products?

Step 1: Confirmed that your order is under Return and Exchange Policy.

Step 2: Contact CS

Step 3: Our CS will reply on your request at around 24 hrours (Business day) 

Step 4: Bring the products to HobbyDigi Headquarter

            *All cases which not confirmed by our Customer Services Officer are not subjected to process


2. Shipping Cost

- If this is a HobbyDigi office-Pick-Up order, no shipping cost will be charged.

- The shipping cost that you responsible for is subjected to the actual shipping cost paid.


3. Basic requirement of Return and Exchange Policy

- The product is purchased from

- All returned or exchanged products must be in new condition1, in their original box, and must include all packing material, manuals, and all accessories.

- No exchange, return, warranty for Japan Version product due to the limitation on import from Japan.

- No exchange, return, warranty for Clearance product, Unboxing Item and Imperfect Item.


4. About 7 days return

Situation Product exchange Validity
Before shipment arranged Before shipment
Damaged products found 3 days within products received
Products wrongly packed / missing 3 days within products received
Before you receive the products2 7 days within products received
Brand-new product 7 days within products received wishes that every guest has a care-free shopping experience. If you find that the product is not suitable, for any reason, you can return the goods within 14 days to headquarters or replaced in the settlement period , you can also exchange your purchased products to any items you want.


5. About 7 days Refund arrangement

Situation Refund Validity
Before we ship out your products Before products shipped
Before you receive the products2 7 days within products received
After receiving the products 7 days within products received
Pre-order Items Please refer to No.8 would like to protect every dollar you paid, just issue a return / exchange request 7 days within the products received, we will refund / exchange to you immediately after receiving the item.

Since we also want to ensure that the policy will not be abused, part of the shipping cost may be charged in different situations.


6. Refund Arrangement

All refund will be the same with payment method selected

- 5 working days for Credit Card refund (HKD$5 admin fee will be charged)

- 3 working days for Bank Transfer


7. Order Cancellation

Situation Declaration Time Frame
Before shipment arranged before shipment
Before shipment arranged before shipment
Pre-order Items Please refer to No.8

Freight cost upon to the order cancellation will be subjected to customer


8. Pre-order Item

All New Products Pre-order are ordered to the supplier based on order quantity by customers, the quantity can't be modified after submission. If customers want to cancel a pre-order item, 30% of item price are be charged as a deposit and not refundable.

The actual launch day may vary due to the production schedule of the manufacturer, if there is a delay more than 12 months counting from the Expected Delivery day (at the time the purchase was made), customer could apply for a full refund.

9. Limited Sales Item

For Limited Sales items on our website, it is the maximum quantity that each customer can buy. If customer place duplicate order, we will deduct the transaction fee HK$5 form the refund amount.

** HobbyDigi reserves the right for final decision, e.g. using different account will also be treated as duplicate order.

10. Pre-order Item Shortage Arrangement

All Products Pre-order are properly being in short supply which is based on the supplier's distribution. If there is short supply, we will rearrange the customer's order quantity via the ratio of in-stock quantity and total order quantity. The order will be refunded if the product is failed to allocate.

** HobbyDigi reserves the right for final decision **

11. About Order Pick-up Time and Storage Fee.

All orders will be available for pick up for 1 months. If we don't receive any request from customer, the order will be cancelled automatically and the products and payment will not be returned.

If customers are not able to pick up due to some special reason, customer can make a request for restore the order. HobbyDigi reserved the right to accept the request. If the request is accepted, customer have to pay a storage fee 3% of product price per month.


12. Digi Wallet

1. You may use the balance of Digi Wallet to shop on without any restriction.

2. There is no expiry time of the balance of Digi Wallet.

3. Only value received by refund can be withdrawn.

4. Digi Wallet Topup only accept bank transfer and FPS

5. Digi Wallet balance can not be transferred between account

6. HobbyDigi Reserved the right of final decision of any case of Digi Wallet


13. About Product Packaging and Cardboard box

Product Packaging and Cardboard box are used to protest products and it’s not part if the product. Product Packaging means the coloured packing to contain the product. It will use to define if the product is opened or not. We understand that collectors are really concern about the condition of product packaging. Therefore, we will mark on the product detail if the packaging is damaged or opened. If customer received a product with packaging damage, we will based on the condition to arrange a suitable exchange and return. Since the standard of packaging damage are vary among different person. We will reserved the right to define packaging damage. Some of product may come with cardboard box, It is used to protest the product for transportation purpose. We will not accept any exchange and return request due to Cardboard box condition.


14. About [email protected] products exchange and return

Due the distributor of [email protected] do not provide any exchange and return for product Quality Control(QC) problem. Therefore, we can only guarantee all [email protected] are in unopened condition and unable to provide products exchange and return for [email protected] with QC problem. In addition, we only accept unopened [email protected] for products exchange and return.


15. Others

- Every order could only be refunded or exchanged once

- For orders paid by bank transfer, we do not responsible for any fee occurred due to the transfer payment.


1  We understand that customers would love to try the product, so we will have discretion on defining a non- brand-new products. However, HobbyDigi Limited reserves the rights on the final decision.

2  Return and Exchange Policy doesn’t apply if the goods can’t be delivered within 7 days.