Shopping and After-sales Arrangements

warning Please contact our customer service representative for any after-sales arrangements and wait for their confirmation to avoid any potential issues. Products returned or brought back to our headquarters without confirmation from our customer service representative will not be processed. Thank you for your understanding.
warning Please note that products marked as "non-returnable/non-exchangeable" are not eligible for refunds or after-sales services.
1. My package looks like it's been damaged.
PLEASE -- If you think something may be wrong with your package:

Please contact us as soon as possible with a clear picture showing both the damage and the shipping label. Our shop will contact the courier to file for compensation. Please do not throw away the shipping label until the problem is solved.
2. An item/part of an item in my order arrived missing/broken!
Please contact us within 1 week from the delivery date and include:

    • a detailed explanation of the problem,

    • a clear, close-up photo of the defective part

    • a clear photo of the defective part together with the shipping label.

    • keep the item outer box, in case an exchange is necessary

It is important that you keep the shipping box and shipping documents, as proof that you purchased the item from our store, which we will request confirmation of before we can offer to assist.
We will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution. Please understand that it may take us a few days to respond to your claim, as we will need to consult with management.
**Please note that

    • We cannot provide resolution to any claims if the photo received does not include the shipping label.

    • As we need to ensure that refunds are not abused, damaged products can only be exchanged.

    • We are unable to accept responsibility for damage limited to a product's outer packaging.
3. My package was opened by customs.
Macau Customs may require that packages be opened during customs inspections. Unfortunately, there is nothing our store can do to prevent this and we cannot be held responsible for the actions of customs officials. Please be advised that we cannot provide compensation or exchanges for any items lost, seized, or damaged during customs inspections.
4. The image on your website is different from the item I received!
Because we often list our merchandise before the final products are released, most photos shown on our website are of prototypes or samples provided by the manufacturer. There may be some inconsistencies between the prototypes and the ones actually marketed for mass-production. Additionally, some products have sections that need hand painting at the factory, which may also cause individual differences. These are not considered manufacturer's defects.
Occasionally you may notice small imperfections in paint or parts on your item. These are naturally occurring inconsistencies caused by the mass-production process and are not considered defects.
5. Product return and exchange request deadline and frequency.
The deadline for all product return or exchange requests is 7 days from the date of receipt. If you want to apply for a return or exchange, please submit your request to customer service within 7 days of receipt. Each product can only be exchanged once.
6. Products must meet the following requirements for returns or exchanges:
The product must be purchased from, and must be in brand new condition that does not affect secondary sales. The product must include the original packaging, instructions, and all accessories.
7. Products that are not eligible for return or exchange.
Japanese version products are not eligible for return or warranty as they are imported from Japan. Clearance products, opened products, products marked as "imperfect" or products that specifically state "no return or exchange" are not eligible for return or warranty.
8. Regarding the shipping fees generated by product returns and exchanges.
The shipping fee for each return or exchange case varies and will be determined by our customer service staff based on the actual situation. Generally speaking, if the return or exchange is requested by the customer, the customer will be responsible for the shipping fee. If the return or exchange is due to our store's error, we will pay for the shipping fee.
If a product has a quality control (QC) issue, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer, and it is beyond our control. We will handle the QC issue according to the manufacturer's or agent's specified method. As each manufacturer or agent has different policies, please contact customer service for information on returns or exchanges. If a product with a QC issue needs to be returned, exchanged, or have parts replaced, it must be done at our Lai Chi Kok headquarters. Any shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.
If the customer needs to pay for the shipping fee, the fee will be the actual shipping fee paid by to the transportation company. Since the shipping fee charged on the order is calculated in advance, there may be differences in the actual shipping fee due to factors such as the size of the final package or fuel surcharges.
9. Regarding fees generated by bank transfers.
Handling fees incurred from bank transfers are not the responsibility of our company. If customers choose to pay by bank transfer, please select a transfer method that does not charge any fees.
10. Regarding Refund Arrangements
All refund methods default to refunding to the payment method used, with bank transfers or FPS payments refunded to the Digi Wallet. In addition, if the payment has been made for more than 180 days or the bank rejects the refund application, we will also refund the amount to the Digi Wallet. If needed, customers can contact customer service to arrange for the withdrawal of funds from the Digi Wallet.
For customer-initiated or generated refunds, a handling fee of HKD$5 will be charged for credit card and e-wallet refunds, which will be deducted from the refund amount.
The reference time for refunds is generally 3-5 business days for credit card/bank transfers, 1-3 business days for e-wallets, and immediate for Digi Wallet.
11. Cancellation of orders not yet received
If your order has not yet been shipped, you can request to cancel the order from our customer service team, and we will arrange for the cancellation and refund. If your order has already been shipped, you can also request to cancel the order from our customer service team, but we will need to retrieve the package from the courier first. After receiving the package, we will arrange for the cancellation and refund, and any shipping fees incurred will be deducted from the refund.
**Cancellation of un-received products must be made within 14 days from the order date. As we have reserved the products for the order, cancellations made after 14 days from the order date will be subject to a 30% handling fee deducted from the product amount in the refund.
**If the order contains pre-order items, cancellation will be arranged according to the pre-order items.
12. Refund arrangement for canceled pre-order products
As all pre-order products are ordered in quantity from the brand or agent according to customer orders, they cannot be modified or canceled. If customers need to cancel pre-order products, 30% of the product price will be treated as a deposit and will not be refunded.

The expected release date may be subject to change due to delays from manufacturers and the supply chain. If the pre-ordered product has not been shipped within 12 months after the expected release date, customers can apply for a full refund.
13. Regarding Limited Purchase Products
The products set as limited purchase on the website are the maximum quantity that each customer can buy. If a customer repeatedly places orders or purchases limited purchase products with different accounts, we will cancel the duplicate orders and a fee of HK$5 will be deducted from the refund. Our company reserves the right to determine the final decision on defining duplicate purchases.
14. Regarding insufficient or shortage of pre-order products
The final quantity of pre-order products is determined by the brand supplier or agent. There is a possibility that the product may have insufficient or shortage of quantity. In such cases, we will allocate the actual arrival quantity to the ordered orders. If the customer cannot be allocated due to this reason, the order will be fully refunded.

The allocation of products is mainly based on the order of orders and the criteria of one item per customer. If there are any exceptional circumstances, there may be special arrangements, and the company reserves the right to make the final decision on the quantity allocation
15. Regarding Pickup Deadline, Delayed Shipments, and Storage Fees
To summarize, all orders have a one-month pick-up deadline from the date the order is available for pick-up. If a customer fails to pick up the order within the deadline, the order will be automatically canceled, and the product and payment will not be refunded.

For orders that are unable to be shipped out due to customer reasons (such as incomplete address, wrong contact information), there will be a one-month retention period. If the customer fails to provide updated information or pick up the order within the deadline, the order will be automatically canceled, and the product and payment will not be refunded.

If there are special circumstances that require the product to be stored for a longer period, customers can apply to retrieve the product. However, the decision to accept the application is at the discretion of the company. If the application is accepted, a storage fee of 3% of the product price per month will be charged.
16. Regarding Product Packaging and Cardboard Boxes
Product packaging and cardboard boxes are intended to protect the product and are not considered part of the product itself. The product packaging generally refers to the colored packaging of the product, which also serves as an indicator of whether the box has been opened. We understand that our customers value product packaging, so if the product packaging is damaged or has been opened, we will indicate this in the product description. If a customer receives a product with damaged packaging, we will make appropriate arrangements for a return or exchange based on the actual situation. As each customer may have different requirements for packaging, we reserve the final decision-making authority regarding the definition of damaged packaging. Cardboard boxes refer to the outer cardboard boxes that some products are shipped in, which are intended for shipping purposes. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to damage to the outer cardboard box.
17. Regarding the return and exchange policy for Be@rbrick products
We regret to inform that our supplier does not provide any QC-related return and exchange service. Therefore, we can only guarantee that all Be@rbrick products are new and unopened. We cannot process or accept any return or exchange request related to product quality issues. In addition, all return and exchange requests for Be@rbrick products must be unopened. We do not accept any return or exchange requests for products that have been opened.